Entrepreneurial competencies and skills are relevant and important for every student at UQ, regardless of their discipline.

Entrepreneurial education is about developing our students’ ability to create social, cultural, or economic value. Enabling experiences for thinking critically and creatively, undertake complex problem solving, negotiate, communicate, and lead can all contribute to developing a student’s entrepreneurial mindset.

If you are interested in embedding entrepreneurial education into your course or program, on this page you will find a wealth of downloadable resources, flexible online modules for staff, workshops, bespoke support, and a community of practice.

“Every student will have the opportunity to experience entrepreneurial learning at UQ”

UQ Entrepreneurship Strategy 2018–2022, strategic objective #2

Professional learning and peer support

Build your capability in entrepreneurial education

• Two workshop series (2 hours each)
• An online course to learn at your own pace
• A Community of Practice to support you
“Entrepreneurial Education (EE) was a novel idea to me at the beginning of the year. It was not until I attended the two workshops that I could finally see how to present the relevance of EE to my students. My subsequent participation in the Community of Practice was excellent through the sharing of resources, ideas, pitfalls, etc."” – UQ Academic

Support for your students

Support programs

  • Careers and Employability team supports students to develop the capabilities and mindsets to succeed in their future pathways.

  • Ventures programs offer a range of entrepreneurship opportunities for students, from introductory to advanced activities.

  • Digital Essentials a series of online modules for students to quickly build their digital skills.

Free online masterclasses

Other resources

  • Reasons.io digital argument mapping software to construct, edit, and save maps for logical analysis and argument scaffolding

  • UQ Art Museum exhibitions, events and learning to connect with new ideas in creative practice.

Entrepreneurial learning occurs both in and outside of the classroom. We combine curricular learning with co-curricular entrepreneurial initiatives such as incubators, accelerators, makerspaces, and internships to provide multidisciplinary opportunities for students and graduates.

See Ventures entrepreneurship programs and Employability experiences for more information.​ You can also learn more about the Entrepreneurial Education initiative and how it was developed at UQ.


Please get in touch with Dr Eleanor Browne, Associate Lecturer in Enterprise & Innovation Education for any specialist support in embedding entrepreneurial education in your curriculum:
+61 7 3365 6459