The aim of the eAssessment project is to identify electronic assessment options that facilitate improved pedagogical practices and address existing administrative issues.

A key component of this transformation process is the selection and deployment of a centrally-supported online assessment solution, available to all schools and faculties as required, that aligns with the majority of user requirements and integrates seamlessly into the existing information technology infrastructure of the University.

The eAssessment project is about assessment, including exams.

Following extensive market research/expression of interest processes and a formal Invitation to Offer, Inspera Assessment was selected as the preferred university-wide eAssessment system. Watch this video for further information on this stage of the project.

Inspera Assessment pilot

UQ are undertaking a one year pilot of Inspera Assessment from Semester 2, 2020 to Semester 1, 2021. The Semester 2, 2020 pilot included 16 courses, representing all faculties and a range of disciplines, undertaking a range of non-invigilated assessments in Inspera. Assessments included assignments, reports, tutorial preparation activities, quizzes, mid-semester exams, and end-of-semester exams.

In Semester 1, 2021, the focus of the extended pilot is:

  1. Piloting on-campus invigilated high stakes exams with Inspera Assessment.
  2. Transitioning tier 1 student support to the AskUs team.
  3. Developing a support model that offers course coordinators comprehensive assessment redesign support while also enabling them to become largely self-sufficient within Inspera.

Inspera has been delivering high stakes digital assessments within the education sector since 2008. They have extensive experience in implementing Inspera Assessment within large higher education institutions and across different faculties and disciplines. Inspera provides additional functionality than is currently available within UQ’s eLearning environment including a greater range of question types, accessibility provisions, and assessment for non-English language courses. Inspera provides a secure ‘lock-down’ environment for digital, on-campus invigilated exams, which has not previously been available UQ-wide; the project will roll this functionality out in 2021. Other functionality will be introduced over the coming year as InsperaScan (bulk upload of handwritten or drawn assessment) and Turnitin are set-up and integrated.

A demo test, developed through an eAssessment Student-Staff Partnership, introduces UQ students and staff to some of Inspera’s features and question types. The demo can be completed multiple times to provide familiarisation with the system.

Try the demo test

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