In 2017, ITaLI and faculties worked together to develop and execute a number of projects to support the implementation of the UQ Student Strategy 2016-2020.

ITaLI staff provided technical expertise and support across the areas of curriculum design and development; evaluation and data analysis; online pedagogies; assessment; professional learning and project management.

Projects completed in 2017 include:

    OLT Flipped Classroom Project

    FutureLearn Pilot

    School of Communication and Arts

    Project team

    • Dr Nicholas Carah, School of Communication and Arts
    • Dr Natalie Collie, School of Communication and Arts
    • Shi Pui Ng
    • Heather Martin
    • Kirsten Slemint
    • Rachel Western
    • Bingxi Huang
    • Nicola Cook

    UQ engaged FutureLearn to design, build and pilot the delivery of an online module of COMU1120: Media and Society in Semester 2, 2017.

    This pilot informed a broader comparison and evaluation of eLearning platforms in order to inform the development of a UQ eLearning strategy that supports UQ’s Student Strategy vision to extend flexible active and online learning for our students.

    Students as Partners Pilot Program

    Student Services

    Project team

    • Lucy Mercer-Mapstone
    • Aimee Parker
    • An additional 29 student partners and 22 staff partners

    This initiative consisted of 11 Students as Partners pilot projects trialling different aspects of student-staff partnerships in the UQ context. Across these projects, 29 student fellows and 22 staff worked in partnership to design and inform various aspects of student-staff partnerships.

    The findings of this initiative informed a streamlined approach to student partnership across UQ, facilitated through Student Services as Student-Staff Partnerships.

    By taking part in these activities, students will be more engaged in University processes and curriculum design, leading to increased student satisfaction.

    Student Strategy Learning Designers

    Faculties of Medicine, HaBS and Science

    Project team

    • Associate Deans (Academic)
    • Student Strategy Program Office

    New Student Strategy Learning Designer positions were established to support Student Strategy-related work within faculties, focusing on curriculum design, and application of online and active face-to-face pedagogies in design and development of courses and associated resources.

    The roles report to ITaLI for supervision and professional practice support and development, but were assigned and co-located within faculties (HaBS, Medicine and Science) in a hub-and-spoke organisational model.

    This initiative provides academic staff with better support in teaching innovation, enabling students to have more access to innovative teaching and work-integrated learning opportunities.

      ePortfolio and Placement Management

      Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

      Project team

      • Greta Scott-Hunter
      • Amber Stewart
      • Sam Harris, Learning Designer, ITaLI

      ePortfolio gives students the ability to demonstrate professional and personal growth through evidence of work-integrated learning and reflection.

      ePortfolio was implemented across various programs in all faculties from 2017, with 8,200 students benefiting by Semester 1, 2018.

      Placement Management provides a UQ-wide solution and standard processes for assigning student placements, improving student safety, legislative compliance and placement information. Placement Management was deployed in 11 faculties/schools/disciplines in 2017, with further deployment continuing in 2018.

      Exploring Learning Designer Roles

      (Professionalisation in Academic Development: exploring learning designer roles in a changing higher education sector research project)

      Project team

      • Dr Christine Slade, Lecturer – Higher Education, ITaLI
      • Dominic McGrath, Learning Designer, ITaLI
      • Dr Ruth Greenaway, Senior Academic Developer Centre for Support and Advancement of Learning and Teaching, University of the Sunshine Coast

      This project developed a snapshot of current learning designers’ practices across Australian universities, to identify and document:

      • relevant skills, knowledge, education and professional background
      • the types of roles undertaken and employment conditions
      • challenges and enablers in these roles and conditions
      • areas for future attention.

      View the verbal report slides (PDF, 1.2MB)

      View the snapshot of initial research results (PDF, 14MB).

      Funding for this project was provided by The Council of Australasian University Leaders in Learning and Teaching (CAULLT)

      Teaching@UQ project