UQx offers a growing catalogue of open online courses in a variety of subjects.

We hope you will find courses that both entice and challenge you, whether you are expanding your educational horizons, updating your professional expertise, or sampling a prospective field of study. 

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An introduction to the UQx universe!

When do courses start?

UQx course development is ongoing, with new courses being released and existing courses being re-run regularly. Some courses are available year-round and students can commence and complete them at any time.

Between runs, courses are available in archive mode, where the content is accessible, but not the assessment for certificates.

What will I receive after completing the course?

All UQx courses offer the option of a Verified Certificate for a small fee, some as low as US$50. These certificates require the use of an identity verification service, and the digital certificate can be linked to your social media profiles.

Some UQx courses are used in UQ on-campus programs. These will have a UQ proof of completion activity at their conclusion which registers your participation and marks into your on-campus course's record.

For educators: developing online courses

The UQx project has an overarching aim to help the University inform and influence best practice in teaching and learning, whether online or on campus.

Joining edX enables UQ to significantly expand our global engagement, gives us access to exciting emerging technologies, rich sources of data and insights from consortium partners. This will directly support innovation among our academic staff and help enrich the student learning experience. 

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