The eAssessment project is currently transitioning support for Inspera Assessment to Business as Usual (BAU). This follows a staged pilot and rollout of Inspera Assessment at UQ.

The initial aim of the eAssessment project was to identify electronic assessment options that facilitate improved pedagogical practices and address existing administrative issues.

A key component of this transformation process was the selection and deployment of a centrally-supported online assessment solution, available to all schools and faculties as required, that aligned with the majority of user requirements and integrates seamlessly into the existing information technology infrastructure of the University.

Following extensive market research and procurement activities, Inspera Assessment was selected as the preferred provider in 2019. Watch this video for further information on this stage of the project.

Key project milestones

The eAssessment project commenced in February 2018. Since that time, extensive engagement activities have been conducted with every school and faculty across the University. Key interest groups including students, space management, central examinations and Information Technology Services have also provided feedback to the eAssessment project team. In excess of 300 functional and non-functional requirements were identified as a result of these consultations which were outlined in the Business Requirements Specifications document.

Comprehensive market research and expression of interest processes helped to identify and assess 46 possible solutions. Four solutions were shortlisted as the most likely to meet the needs of the University. The eAssessment Steering Committee endorsed their direct invitations to a Limited Invitation to Offer (ITO) tender. 

As part of the Invitation to Offer, the project invited the UQ community to participate in a range of engagement activities, where they provided invaluable feedback on the four shortlisted solutions. Based on the staff and student community feedback, supplier responses, and solution tested – Inspera Assessment was selected as UQ’s university-wide eAssessment platform. The Inspera Assessment pilot was undertaken in Semester 2 2020. The eAssessment project team will continue to engage with the UQ community throughout the project.

Stage 1 (Jul–Sep 2019): Internal engagement/consultation, market research and procurement

  1. Initial UQ community engagement and consultation (Jul–Aug 2018)
  2. Development of Business Requirements Specifications document (Aug–Sep 2018)
  3. Continued UQ community engagement meetings (Sep–Oct 2018)
  4. Market scan (Sep–Dec 2018)
  5. Formal solution demonstrations (Dec 2018–Jan 2019) 
  6. Market evaluation report developed (Jan–Feb 2019)
  7. Recommendations and endorsement of solutions to Invitation to Offer (ITO) (Feb–Mar 2019)
  8. Invitation to Offer open (Jun–Jul 2019)
  9. Invitation to Offer solution testing (Jul–Sep 2019)
  10. Invitation to Offer UQ community consultation (Aug–Sep 2019).

Stage 2 (Jul 2020–Jun 2021): Pilot and extended pilot

  1. Pilot (Jul–Dec 2020)
  2. Extended Pilot (Jan–Jun 2021)
    • Piloting on-campus invigilated high stakes exams with Inspera Assessment, including InsperaScan (bulk upload of handwritten or drawn assessment) 
    • Transitioning tier 1 student support to the AskUs team
    • Developing a support model that offers course coordinators comprehensive assessment redesign support while also enabling them to become largely self-sufficient within Inspera. 

Stage 3 (Jul 2021–Jul 2022): Gradual roll-out

  1. School-based rollout (Jul–Dec 2021)
  2. UQ Library Tech Trainers team brought on board to provide familiarisation workshops and Inspera Safe Exam Browser preparation sessions for students  
  3. Library AskUs support services brought on board to support students 
  4. eLearning team brought on board to provide technical support for staff.

Stage 4 (Jul 2022–current): Transition to Business as Usual

  1. Piloting Inspera Exam Portal for off-campus supervised exams (“record and review”) (Jan–Jun 2022)
  2. Transitioning to Business as Usual (Jul–Dec 2022).
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Staff and student engagement

Staff engagement

Staff have engaged in all milestones of the eAssessment project, including the iterative process of requirements gathering, participating in engagement activities and providing invaluable feedback during the procurement, pilot and roll-out phases. Staff continue to be involved by providing valuable advice to the project through various governance avenues.

Student engagement

Students are an integral part of the eAssessment project and form the largest Inspera Assessment user group. Student representatives contribute to the eAssessment project as Steering Committee and Working Group members. Student Partners also work within the eAssessment team co-creating engagement activities to reach students (e.g. surveys, focus groups and the development of support resources), so the needs of students inform the project. During the Invitation to Offer the Student Partners organised an event that gave students the opportunity to explore and provide feedback on the potential eAssessment solution, see more in this video.

Student Partners have also been instrumental in creating a demo test and video to introduce students participating in the Inspera pilot to the system. 
Student partners were also responsible for designing student experience surveys to provide feedback to the project about how to better prepare and support students to complete assessment in Inspera.

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Project team and governance

  • Senior Project Manager (Digital Assessment): Jacqueline Lynagh
  • Learning Designers: Jessica Cockerill, Dale Hansen, Jacinta Lisec, Dom McGrath
  • Senior Project Officer: Kylie Tindale
  • Project Officer: Michelle Hsu
  • Student Representative: Samara Paradine

The eAssessment project is governed by stakeholders from across the University. The responsibilities and membership of each group are as follows.


Sponsors Meeting

To identify and discuss any risks, concerns or questions regarding the progress of the project. 

Professor Karen Benson

Jacqui Lynagh

Dr Greg Winslett

Digital Learning Program Management Steering Committee

To ensure that UQ’s digital infrastructure capability is fit for purpose and funded to meet the 2032 ambition of UQ’s Strategic Plan (i.e. "to develop a digital and personalised experience that evolves to meet changing student and industry expectations and is at the forefront of pedagogies, assessment and analytics").

Professor Doune Macdonald (Chair)

Belinda Benes (Secretary)

Professor Karen Benson

Karyn Burger

Professor Pauline Ford

Daniel Goninon

Margot ten Have

Cordelia Jackson

Professor Lydia Kavanagh

Helen Morahan

A/Prof Liza O'Moore

Rowan Salt

Paul Sheeran

Caroline Williams

Dr Greg Winslett

eAssessment Working GroupThe eAssessment Working Group is responsible for overseeing the rollout of the preferred electronic assessment platform which facilitates improved pedagogical practices and addresses existing administrative issues at UQ.

Professor Karen Benson (Chair)

Tabetha Bozin

Dr Simon Collyer

Dr Amy Hubbell

Professor Lydia Kavanagh

Jacqui Lynagh

Helen Morahan

Samara Paradine (student)

Kathleen Smeaton

Kylie Tindale (Secretary)

Dr Greg Winslett

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Inspera Assessment

Inspera Assessment is now available across UQ (after an expression of interest process). We encourage you to explore this new platform and decide whether it would suit your assessment needs.

Learn more about Inspera Assessment