ITaLI offers personalised support services across various areas related to teaching and learning.

You may be considering changing your curriculum, delivery, assessment or just want some help with teaching in general to improve your students’ learning experience. You may also be interested in developing your career or gaining recognition of your teaching capability through applying for a teaching awardevaluating your teaching for confirmation or promotion, or wish to engage in educational research.

We can help. We offer personalised advice and support in the following areas:

Teaching, learning and assessment support

You can meet with an ITaLI Learning Designer to seek pedagogical advice, have your questions answered or just to bounce around some ideas you may have. Our Learning Designers have each worked with a broad cross-section of academia across the University and are familiar with many teaching, learning and assessment practices that have been employed successfully by fellow teachers.

Book an initial 30-min consultation

We can provide an initial 30-min consultation with you or your team to help you with:

  • teaching approaches
  • student engagement
  • assessment design and implementation
  • interactive online learning activities design
  • curriculum design for courses and programs.

Book a Teaching, Learning or Assessment support consultation (30-min)

Booking tips:

  1. When making your booking: under Appointments, leave Advisor as Any and Campus as Any.Student-Hub-screenshot
  2. Select a date and time that suits you best.
  3. While one Learning Designer’s name appears on the calendar, your appointment will be allocated to any one of four Learning Designers.
  4. Many staff members find 30 minutes long enough to get the support they want, but if you feel the need for more time just ask the Learning Designer you are meeting with to schedule another session.
  5. If none of the times available suit your schedule, email with your preferred days and times and we will try to accommodate you.
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eLearning systems and tools support

If you are planning to implement a UQ supported educational system (e.g. Learn.UQ Blackboard) or tool (e.g. Zoom, Kaltura, Turnitin, PadletUQ, etc.), you should book a consultation with the eLearning Solutions Service who can support you with its configuration and launch.

Alternatively, you can also:
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Professional learning support

Drop-in sessions

The ITaLI Professional Learning team can support you in developing your career and achieve recognition for your teaching practice. We can help you with:

Book a Professional Learning consultation (15-min)

If you think 15 minutes will not be enough time, please contact us to book a longer consultation.

The 15-min drop-in sessions are available at the dates/times/locations listed below.

Date Time Location
10 March 2021 2–4pm Online – via Zoom
25 March 2021 1–3pm Online – via Zoom
9 April 2021 3–4.30pm Online – via Zoom
19 April 2021 10–11.30am Online – via Zoom
5 May 2021 2–3.30pm Online – via Zoom
18 May 2021 11am–12.30pm Online – via Zoom
2 June 2021 3–4.30pm Online – via Zoom
18 June 2021 2–3.30pm Online – via Zoom
29 June 2021 9–10.30am Online – via Zoom
14 July 2021 11am–12.30pm Online – via Zoom
30 July 2021 9–10.30am Online – via Zoom
13 August 2021 10.30am–12pm Online – via Zoom
26 August 2021 3–4.30pm Online – via Zoom
6 September 2021 2–3.30pm Online – via Zoom
23 September 2021 2–3.30pm Online – via Zoom
5 October 2021 9–10.30am Online – via Zoom
21 October 2021 3–4.30pm Online – via Zoom
27 October 2021 1–3pm Online – via Zoom
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Learning analytics support

Our Learning Analytics team can help you improve the students' learning experiences and outcomes through the provision of meaningful data that can be acted upon before, during and after the course life cycle.

If you want to learn more about Course Insights, drop-in sessions are usually organised throughout the semester. 


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Book a consultation

We can offer personalised advice and support, and give you an opportunity to discuss and develop your ideas in the following areas: