Presenter: Eleanor Browne

How do we figure out whether students are learning what they need to learn in our classes?

What will give us an indication of the impact we are having in our teaching and/or design work?

Who can I partner with in other disciplines, in ITaLI or in other parts of the university on an idea or innovation I’d like to test out?

If you have any questions like these or other questions about teaching and learning you’d like to discuss and address, the Educational Impact Forum has been set up for you.

The Forum is an opportunity for academic and professional staff interested in enhancing their impact to connect with other teachers and professionals in UQ. 

The Forum will enable participants to:

  • Share teaching and learning practices, ideas and experiences 
  • Discover new ways of fostering student learning in higher education 
  • Network with diverse colleagues across UQ 
  • Harness the creativity of our diverse network to address learning and teaching challenges.