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About this session

The BEL Faculty Community of Practice aims to support academics in designing blended courses by sharing ideas and personal experiences. As UQ’s digital transformation strategy and UQ2U project gains momentum in 2018, new experiences, capabilities and knowledge around “how to do blended learning” are rapidly emerging. With UQ’s strategy of delivering 60 blended courses by 2020 in mind, the BEL Faculty will share their recent experiences to contribute to UQ’s growing capacity and reputation for the successful design and implementation of blended courses.

This workshop will use blended courses designed by academics in the BEL Faculty to address issues such as:

  • Where do I begin?
  • How to approach course design.
  • How to manage the transition into new ways to design and deliver courses.
  • Capturing data for evaluation   
  • What would I do now if I started afresh? Reflections on lessons learnt.

Who should attend?

Academic and professional staff interested in the blending agenda.

Benefits of attending

The key benefits from attending this workshop include:

  • Practical strategies to assist transforming an existing course (in steps).
  • Identify the benefits from the student and lecturer perspectives of blended courses.
  • Identifying pitfalls to avoid in transitioning to a blended course.
  • Develop a priority list of processes involved in developing a blended course.
  • Share ideas on how to approach blending current courses.
  • Identify the support needed from staff, Schools, or Faculties.
  • Identify a growing pool of experience/capabilities/mentors willing to assist.

About Teaching and Learning Week 2018

UQ's annual Teaching and Learning Week ran from Monday 29 October to Friday 2 November 2018.

Teaching and Learning Week is an opportunity for the UQ community to celebrate and share innovative and excellent teaching and learning practices that inspire students, through a range of workshops, lectures and social events.

About T&L Week 2018


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