About the session

Teachers care about the pedagogical integrity of their course designs. Decisions on whether and how technology should be used are generally made on the basis of appropriateness regarding the content goals and pedagogy used. However, due to the pandemic, teachers are faced with the challenge of customizing their course/unit designs at short notice due to the different severity levels of social distancing to cater for diverse student needs and contexts. Teachers are also frequently required to teach the same course via different modalities to cater to different learner needs.

In this meetup, I will share with participants a multilevel pedagogical framework that helps us to identify the different levels of pedagogy that underpin our course design decisions so that we can more easily identify the specific aspects of customization that need to be catered while retaining the course design integrity. I will also introduce a technology tool—the Learning Design Studio—that can help learning designers in the process of analysis and customization.

About the presenter

Nancy Law is a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong and the Founding Director for the Centre for Information Technology in Education. She is a Fellow of the International Society of the Learning Sciences. Her research focuses on designing technologies and learning architectures for scalable technology-enhanced learning innovations. She is currently spearheading large projects in two related areas: implementation and refinement of multilevel network models of innovation as sociotechnical co-evolution, and investigation of students’ development as digital citizens from childhood to early adulthood.

Nancy has led a number of large scale funded projects in the following areas: international comparative studies of pedagogical innovations and information technology, models of ICT integration in schools and change leadership, local and international networks for curriculum innovation and learning technology co-design as an ecological model of professional development and sustainable educational transformation, computer-supported collaborative learning and the use of expressive and exploratory computer-based learning environments.

About Learning Analytics and Digital Learning Community of Practice

All UQ staff are invited to attend these sessions aiming to develop a community of practice around learning analytics, evidence-based teaching practice and digital learning. 

Each session intends to cater to a variety of presentation and participation formats including presentions, lightning talks, practical data processing tutorials, predictive model building tutorials, learning tool design sessions, recent publication/conference overviews, as well as panel discussions and debates.

For general enquiries please contact learninganalytics@uq.edu.au.


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