Popcorn and movie snacks will be provided.

About this session

Teachers have always formed a cornerstone in popular culture and are often portrayed negatively. For every Miss Honey (Matilda), there is a Miss Scatcherd (Jane Eyre) and Mr Dobbins (Tom Sawyer). The characterisation of teachers in movies is just as evocative as these literary examples.

Participants will be treated to a movie marathon in which they will watch parts of a few select movies (Wake in Fright, The Shining, and Dead Poet's Society) focused on a teacher/ex-teacher and the problems facing them, then engage in discussion to determine a way out of the conundrum.  

The movies will be used to explore topics how to create a more engaged classroom, how to address issues of work/life balance to ensure it doesn't adversely affect your teaching and issues of turning from being a ‘sage on the stage’ to a ‘guide on the side’ in your teaching.


Who should attend?

  • Course coordinators
  • Lecturers
  • Tutors
  • Teaching support staff

Benefits of attending

  • Learn how to create an engaging classroom design – such as experiential learning, gamification, team-based learning, flipped classroom.
  • Develop strategies for dealing with issues of work/life balance – such as reflection, physical exercise, mindfulness, etc. 
  • Determine strategies for developing a teaching philosophy, including how to nurture a teaching approach that is effective and personally meaningful and relevant.

About Teaching and Learning Week (T&L) 2021

1–5 November 2021. Celebrate inclusive teaching and learning practices designed to enhance student learning and facilitate a sense of belonging at UQ.

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Steele Building (03), St Lucia campus