About this workshop

This session provides a series of case studies from two disciplines: biomedical science within medicine and engineering concerning meeting the needs of diverse cohorts of students.

Biomedical science within medicine must meet the challenge during COVID times of creating and delivering teaching to meet the needs of the whole student cohort, whether offshore or onshore. All students must achieve the same learning outcomes at the same time, however teaching delivery differs. We present case studies with different approaches to achieving inclusion of all students in this teaching context, regardless of location.

The engineering case study will discuss inclusion in relation to:

  • on-boarding first-semester engineering students
  • facilitating their inclusion through working in a team on a multi-discipline project
  • reinforcing strategies and policies around bullying and harassment
  • providing a range of support mechanisms to students with diverse learning needs
  • mechanisms for mentoring and supporting struggling students both as individuals and within their teams; an assessment structure that develops self-confidence before moving to group collaboration
  • inclusion of all students for accessing workshops facilities, particularly important when no prior skills exist
  • staff-student ratios that foster support during the vital first year
  • the inclusion practices of delivering the courses via Zoom to external students.  


Who should attend?

  • Course coordinators
  • Lecturers
  • Tutors
  • Academic staff
  • Teaching support staff
  • Professional staff

Benefits of attending

  • Learn from real case studies how to achieve inclusion in large student cohorts within diverse courses.
  • Understand the small changes you can make to increase participation and inclusion.

About Teaching and Learning Week (T&L) 2021

1–5 November 2021. Celebrate inclusive teaching and learning practices designed to enhance student learning and facilitate a sense of belonging at UQ.

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Learning Innovation Building (17), St Lucia campus
202/202a + online (via Zoom)