It is important for UQ tutors to be familiar with University policies and procedures.

The UQ Policy and Procedures Library (PPL) is the central UQ repository for approved policies, procedures, guidelines and forms.

The PPL contains policy and related documents on topics relevant to students, staff and the UQ community on a variety of management, administrative, academic, personnel, technical and physical facilities issues which have been approved by the Senate for University-wide application.

Here are the key policy areas most relevant to UQ tutors.

Policy name Purpose
Workplace Health and Safety Occupational health and safety, biosafety and standard operating procedures
Staff Grievance Resolution The University's policy and procedures in regard to resolving staff grievances
Academic Integrity and Plagiarism The University's approach to plagiarism, its consequences, and the principles associated with preventing it
Information and Communication Technology Including Acceptable Use of UQ ICT Resources and Sending Bulk Messages
Privacy Management The University's obligations to respect the privacy of persons about whom it holds personal information
Code of Conduct To guide and enhance the conduct of staff, and their ethical obligations in performing their duties
Assessment The University's policies on assessment

Please also familiarise yourself with the Student integrity and conduct and Student policies and rules pages of myUQ.

Schools may have their own guidelines for tutors, and you should consult your school for details.

Students in residential colleges or outside colleges may from time to time request private tutoring.

Some schools provide guidance on this topic, stating that it is not considered appropriate for a tutor in a course to provide additional private tutoring (paid or unpaid) to a student within the same course. This is regardless of whether or not the student is in the tutor’s group.

Students finding the tutorials or consultation times inadequate for their needs can seek additional private tutoring, but not by a tutor in the same course.