The community of HEA Fellows at UQ already counts over 430 members and is growing fast.

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The HEA@UQ program allows those with teaching and learning expertise to gain recognition as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA), upholding our commitment to provide contemporary and comprehensive professional development opportunities that support career progression.

If you are considering an HEA Fellowship, go to the HEA@UQ program page to find out why you should participate and how to apply.

Connect with the HEA community at UQ

Microsoft-TeamsMicrosoft Teams channel

If you are an HEA Fellow (or in the process of applying for the Fellowship), we invite you to join our Microsoft Teams channel to connect with the community, seek collaboration, network and exchange best practice teaching tips.


Support for aspiring HEA Fellows

If you’re an aspiring Fellow and looking for a place to start, please head to the Aspiring HEA Fellows SharePoint for detailed advice.

Becoming an HEAatUQ Fellow
Becoming an HEA@UQ Fellow (online course)

We have just launched a new online course to support aspiring HEA Fellows which covers the following topics:

  • becoming an HEA Fellow,
  • Professional Standards Framework,
  • writing and submitting your application, and
  • several modules on addressing the criteria for Associate Fellow and Fellow.

Opportunities to engage, share and network

A collection of ‘advice resources’ published on Times Higher Education (THE) Campus
An opportunity to come and observe the great teaching happening at UQ
Regular programs and events run by the HEA global peak body: Advance HE

HEA Yearbook 2016–2021

The HEA Yearbook (PDF, 1.1 MB), published annually, provides an overview of the HEA Fellows who have achieved their credentials over the last year. We take this opportunity to recognise all those who work to mentor, assess and lead the program. These fellows would not be credentialled without their ongoing support.
Everyone listed in these Yearbooks has achieved recognition of teaching expertise by colleagues at UQ and internationally by Advance HE.

Fostering the community

There are several ways you can continue to engage with the HEA community after Fellowship recognition. For example, you can become:

  • an application reviewer,
  • a mentor, or
  • an affiliate practitioner.

You can also participate in conferences committees or become a member of the College of Peer Observers. All these opportunities may be formalised as part of the ‘Service and Citizenship Domain’ of your Academic Annual Performance Development (APD) process.

For more information, please contact the HEA@UQ Program team at