Blog post – Identity-verified assessment with hurdles (IVAH)

What is identity-verified assessment with hurdles (IVAH) and why do we need it at UQ?

It is controversial or common sense, depending on your teaching context and beliefs about the role of assessment, academic freedom and academic integrity.

Associate Professor Kelly Matthews sat down with President of the Academic Board Professor Peter Adams to discuss, debate, disagree and dig into the what, why and when of IVAH.

Download video transcript (PDF, 76KB)

I invited Professor Adams to talk with me, an informal, collegial conversation to open up conversations about IVAH with the UQ teaching community.

Student cheating is a topic every university is paying attention to these days. I don’t know about you, but I regularly have conversations with colleagues about student misconduct. IVAH is an institutional policy response to student cheating, one that is straightforward to some of us, fraught for others, and unclear to many as a new approach.

My intention is to open up the conversation to the UQ teaching community. In doing so, I invite reactions and commentaries through an online poll with live results.

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Last updated:
3 February 2020