Digital Learning Uplift

UQ’s Digital Learning Uplift (DLU) is a university-wide initiative that enhances the student experience through engagement in course (re)design and development.

The program also provides professional development to academics via the technological and pedagogical skills that are learnt while engaging with the DLU team.

The DLU team comprises of specialists in learning design, media production, learning analytics, and learning tools. The team can help you and your project team design and develop learning assets and experiences at a program level, a course level as well as other modes such as Shorter Form Credentials.

The team can offer expertise in:

  • powerful and thought-provoking lectures
  • active and engaging small group and lab experiences
  • curation and guidance of online content utilising edX (Edge) and Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course sites 
  • informative and captivating multimedia resources: videos, animations, images, etc.
  • authentic assessment: formative and summative tasks
  • interactive multimedia experiences and applications using H5P and custom tools.

Academics can choose to develop part of a course, a whole course, or a full program of work. The DLU team will support this work using their knowledge and skills, as informed by educational research.

Choose your project

Formal Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for Semester 1 2024 are now open. 

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Support level – DLU reference guide

Allocated hours

≤ 50 hrs learning design team

≤ 50 hrs academic team

≤ 125 hrs learning design team

≤ 125 hrs academic team

≤ 200 hrs learning design team

≤ 200 hrs academic team

≤ 50 hrs learning design team

≤ 50 hrs academic team

(hours refer to program review only)


As determined by academic

(typically, 3 months but can be up to 6 months)

As determined by academic

(typically, 6 months but can be up to 12 months)

As determined by academic

(typically, 6 months but can be up to 24 months)

As determined by academic

(typically, up to 6 months)

What we do


Support course team to improve course design, tools, learning activities etc. 


(Re)design and development of parts of course content and platform – e.g. create module as a template, or (re)design face-to-face, or design and development of engaging online content


Full (re)design and development of course content and platform – e.g. create substantial online experience, and (re)design of face-to-face, and update assessment


Program level design involving multiple stakeholders – e.g. T&L Chair, Program Coordinator, individual Course Coordinators

What we offer
  • Learning design consultation (review of learning objectives and assessment)
  • Professional learning guidance

  • Minor development (e.g. sample module)

  • Asset creation (e.g. interactive H5P)

  • Media production of a small number of assets

‘Small’ plus:

  • Concentrated development of one focus area as outlined above

  • Design Share

  • Quality assurance testing

  • Go-live support

‘Medium’ plus:

  • Broad scope of development with high level of support 

  • Design workshops addressing program level requirements and consistencies

  • Subsequent identification and scoping of individual courses that require (re)design and development (e.g. ‘Small’, ‘Medium’, or ‘Large’)

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How we work together

You and your project teamCo-design and develop course assets (curate and create content, assessments, lesson plans etc.).
DLU Learning DesignersProvide expert pedagogical and technical learning design advice and support.
DLU Media TeamProduce media assets such as videos, animations, podcasts and pen videos.
DLU Learning AnalyticsProvide Course Insights and learning tool development as needed.
DLU Project OfficerProvide project administrative support to the team.

The DLU team has a structured workflow to ensure common goals are reached.

  1. Discovery – discuss and plan project objectives
  2. Kick-off – discuss and plan how we will work together and the project timelines
  3. Design – pedagogical and technical design planning of the project
  4. Development – create agreed learning assets e.g. media, assessment, online component 
  5. Quality assurance – review assets that were developed and conduct fixes 
  6. Handover – handover from DLU to support services.

Some common misconceptions: we don’t

  • make decisions for you
  • tell you what you have to do
  • do all the work – you are the content specialists
  • make videos without considering the pedagogy
  • believe that one size fits all
  • set the start and end date of your project
  • determine when you want to work on your project
  • do anything without considering the overall design
  • put content online without considering the pedagogy
  • replace academic teaching
  • cost anything.
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Enhancing academic capability: program feedback

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Program team

The UQ Digital Learning Uplift team draws on the vast blended and digital learning experience and expertise of the programs’ team members. The program is led by Senior Program Delivery Manager, Belinda Beneš. Belinda is available to work with school and program teams to discuss aligning the DLU team expertise with your directions and approaches.   

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