The ITaLI Educational Media Production team creates a range of educational media assets that enhance our students’ teaching and learning experience.

The team’s services are available to all teaching staff across UQ, with priority given to those participating in Digital Learning Uplift (DLU) projects. For projects outside of DLU, please complete an expression of interest.

The team has a broad skill base, creating a wide variety of media including:

  • digital pen recordings
  • audio and video podcasts
  • studio lectures
  • interviews
  • lightboard recordings
  • location and scripted scenario filming
  • animation and graphic design.

Dedicated video, sound and screen recording studios provide the perfect environment to produce this comprehensive range of high-quality, professional teaching material.

Some examples of the team's work are featured in these videos:

Media production facilities

The team has access to state-of-the-art media production facilities on St Lucia campus, including:

  • a media room (studio)
  • 2 x pen studios


The team runs a series of workshops designed to build the capability of UQ staff to create, produce and edit their own educational audio/video content.

Support requests

For advice, please contact the Educational Media Production team at: