The quality assurance process for programs and courses (including CTQRA) is transitioning in 2021 to the revised policy and toolkit developed by the Program and Course Quality Assurance Working Party. Further information and resources will be uploaded to this website to support this transition.

It is anticipated that the revised policy suite will be published in February 2021.

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Curriculum and Teaching Quality and Risk Appraisal (CTQRA)

CTQRA was suspended in 2019, and a revised process has been developed for implementation in 2021.

The draft policy considered by Teaching and Learning Committee (TLC) for feedback may be viewed here: TLC 2020/08 Agendum 5.C.1, UQ login required; see also PPL.3.30.03a Curriculum and Teaching Quality Risk and Appraisal and Academic Program Review—Policy and subordinate procedures. Please note that the revised policy suite is still under development and content may change prior to publication.

Proposed timeline (2021)

  • February: Endorsement and approval of the revised Academic Quality Assurance and Academic Program Review policy suite.
  • March: Publication of the revised policy suite and go-live for the Academic Quality Assurance dashboards in UQ Reportal.
  • March/April: Full dataset available for annual review of courses (dashboard).
  • September: Full data set available for annual review of programs (dashboard).
  • October: Consolidation of annual AQA online responses and reports prepared by ITaLI Learning Analytics for Faculty review and approval.
  • November: Submission of summary reports to TLC facilitated by ITaLI.