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About the session

The current medical curriculum is taught by content experts as subject knowledge with discipline-specific courses. This discipline orientated teaching is largely done independently, with little connection or collaboration between courses. 

However, we know that most contemporary jobs require the integration of a range of skills and medicine is no exception. As part of Year 2 introduction, the course coordinators of the four Semester 1 Year 2 courses developed an integrated, joint course introduction to be presented on the first day of the semester. Clinical Science, Clinical Practice, Health, Society and Research and Ethics and Professional Practice course coordinators explain and demonstrate how the four courses are intertwined. Using real clinical cases and evidence, the connection and interdependence between the four courses are highlighted for the students. 

As a team we would like to share our experience in developing the integrated course introduction, to discuss the challenges and the benefits. More importantly we would like to discuss the possibilities of a UQ-wide adoption of the joint course presentation for any interdependent courses of any discipline. 

This session is relevant to most teaching academics because subject orientated teaching is still the most widely adopted teaching method for many disciplines. It is important because the ability to incorporate information from different perspectives, to analyse, to make connections and to solve problems is essential for many professions.


Who should attend

  • Lecturers
  • Tutors
  • Teaching support staff
  • Learning designers
  • Course coordinators

Benefits of attending

  • Learn to initiate a collaboration between different course coordinators and develop an integrated course introduction.
  • Understand how to integrate different views and perspectives and be open to learning the promise of collegiality.
  • Discover how to balance your own priorities and the overall goals for your team.

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