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About the session

This session will address methods of effective teaching and learning in a large student cohort and more specifically on using near peer tutors, student participation and engagement, effective communication and feedback. Presentations will be followed by a group discussion to explore challenges and benefits associated with the methods presented as well as other means of achieving successful teaching.

The adaptation to COVID-19 pandemic emphasised the importance of effective teaching and learning. This included adjustment and introduction of new delivery methods, consideration of different time zones, means, communication and feedback. This context drove the shift from in-person classes to live Zoom tutorials, but also increased consideration of the benefits of this approach and how can student participation and engagement can be maximised in any environment. Is some online teaching here to stay because it supports more effective teaching and learning?

It is challenging to develop and maintain meaningful and effective communication between students and teaching academics in any program but particularly difficult for a large student cohort. During the pandemic, establishing effective communication is even more important. It is also difficult to receive timely constructive feedback from students on an ongoing basis, which directly contributes to the maintenance and continuous improvement of the curriculum. During the pandemic, we have successfully trialled an alternative platform for student communication and feedback which is well embraced by students and has proven to be very effective. The platform has been adopted for different courses, across different year levels within the MD program and we hope to share our experiences with you during this session.


Who should attend

  • Course coordinators
  • Lecturers
  • Tutors
  • Teaching support staff
  • Learning designers

Benefits of attending

  • Learn effective communication and feedback strategies and how these contribute to curriculum quality improvement, including:
    • Building and developing teacher-student relationship
    • Effective and ongoing communication and feedback
    • Hidden curriculum – providing and receiving feedback (professionalism).
  • Understand pros/cons of live Zoom tutorials, including:
    • Opportunities from across locality learning
    • Challenges in using overseas tutors
    • Value of near peer tutors.

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