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About the session

This workshop will be focused on a proactive approach to academic wellbeing. There is a vast volume of research indicating this is a problem for academic staff, however we tend to have a reactive approach to this (waiting until burnout or overwhelm to do something about it). So, this highly interactive session incorporating active learning and action-based strategies that can be utilised proactively in this space to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of academics.


  • Lauren Cox, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Who should attend

  • Course coordinators
  • Lecturers
  • Tutors
  • Teaching support staff
  • Learning designers

Benefits of attending

This session is all about putting your own mask on first by:

  • Building proactive wellbeing strategies to allow staff to continue in the many vital roles they play.
  • Factoring in one’s own wellbeing and work life balance.

About Ready to Teach Week Sem 2 2022

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