Implementing Inspera in your School

Inspera is a digital assessment platform with targeted functionality across the assessment lifecycle, including creating, administering and marking assessment. 

The implementation of Inspera in a course or program usually involves more stakeholders than just the Course Coordinator. If there are staff that would like to use the Inspera platform for assessment, it’s worthwhile having a discussion with all relevant staff in the School.

For example, there may be:

  • academic peers that need to co-author or review the assessment in the platform
  • casual academics and tutors that need to mark assessment
  • professional staff who assist in designing, administering, invigilating or reporting on assessment
  • Chief Examiners and Program Leads who need to oversee and approve the assessment.

A school-based conversation about implementing Inspera creates an opportunity for all stakeholders to be purposefully considered, ensuring a positive experience for all staff, and the potential realisation of administrative efficiencies as well as effective use of the platform for assessment and feedback.

A further important reason to have a school-based conversation is to ensure that the ‘work of assessment’ undertaken in the Inspera platform (extensions, moderation, quality assurance, approvals, invigilation, scheduling and setup, reporting and accommodations, etc.) can be managed by your school in a way that best suits your disciplinary context, staffing arrangements and priorities.

Explore reasons for having conversations with all stakeholders in assessment when implementing Inspera in your School
Examples of questions and process documentation to guide implementation conversations in your school.