Dr Archie Chapman
Senior Lecturer,  School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering



Dr Christine Staatz

Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy
Chair Teaching & Learning Committee


Dr Pavla Simerská Taylor / M.Sc., Ph.D., GCHEd.

Written Examination Lead
Office of Medical Education
Faculty of Medicine

 Practice and learning

  • I loved RiPPLE! It reinforced my understanding of the concepts taught in the course. 
  • It is a good tool to review important content in the course.
  • There are a lot of concepts in psychology and reviewing these concepts in RiPPLE helps a lot.
  • RiPPLE made sure I answer questions and demonstrated a high level of understanding.
  • It helps teachers know students and lets students teach each other.
  • The RiPPLE tools was useful to master key concepts.
  • There's a plentiful amount of concepts in neuroscience and I believe RiPPLE helps facilitate that the flow of understanding.
  • RiPPLE helped us practice and cement our learning.
  • It helped us learn.
  • RiPPLE was useful to help master more difficult topics
  • As there are many knowledge points involved in the course, RiPPLE was useful to consolidate our knowledge and enhance our communication with classmates.
  • RiPPLE enhance understanding of key concepts.
  • Being able to browse from a various list of questions to attempt and increase understanding. Also being able to do activities live from lectures was fun!
  • RiPPLE was great for this course as it allowed me to have a heap of relevant questions to practice with to consolidate my learning.
  • It helped us digest key points in our spare time and do the in-class exercises together.
  • I liked RiPPLE because it provided more opportunities to practice after class.
  • It helped me review concepts and note from courses.
  • RiPPLE helped solidify concepts taught in class.
  • I liked RIPPLE as it was a type of knowledge solidification and confirmation.
  • RiPPLE was a great platform that helped review material in preparation for assignments and the final exam.
  • RiPPLE helped reinforce understanding by having resources available to use as allowing us to create our own.
  • I think it is a good way to share interesting questions with each other.
  • RiPPLE further enforced my learning.
  • Being able to practice questions rapidly online is nice.
  • I liked how you can see various kinds of problems because of the personalisation.

Creation and moderation 

  • Trying to create questions that are not simple recall questions really makes you think about the course content more deeply, so I think it was used to improve our knowledge and understanding of the content.
  • RiPPLE helps me by having me make original resources to help others learn, and by showing me how I tracked in each subject area.
  • My favourite feature was being able to create and moderate my own resources and my peers' resources.
  • Getting students to create accurate and high-quality content is a great way to learn.
  • There's a lot of content to cover. Getting students to create questions helps cover that content.
  • I think the moderate section is great because we can know a lot about others' opinions and how they evaluate my resources.
  • I found creating a question to test other's knowledge ended up tested myself more than answering questions!
  • It is useful since sometimes I found that I misunderstood the concept but found the corrrect ones from other's resources.
  • RiPPLE helped me learn by having me reflect on what was being taught by creating resources.
  • I liked the peer moderation to gain an understanding of what other students were doing.
  • I think RiPPLE was very helpful in my study. It was helpful to apply critical thinking in creating and answering questions.
  • RiPPLE was useful to encourage learning through the creation of learning recourses and learning from other students.
  • When creating questions for each other we had to come up with an answer and explanation – this forced me to think much more critically about the material.
  • RiPPLE allows us to practice and create questions, which helps to learn the course content and develop the skills needed to answer assignment and exam questions.
  • My favourite feature of RiPPLE was the question creating as I enjoyed creating questions.
  • I think it was great to see a history of my creation and moderation.


  •  I liked the graph of subject competency and achievements, which added satisfying extra little goals to work towards.
  • It helped me reflect on what we learned in the weeks.
  • RiPPLE was useful to help us understand our weaknesses in each topic.
  • My favourite feature of RiPPLE was the data showing progress and understanding.
  • My favourite things about RiPPLE was the leaderboards and statistics for each topic.
  • The bar graph could let me know which topic is needed to be improved for me.
  • My favourite feature of RiPPLE was the resources – specifically multiple-choice questions. It was also always fun to see by the graph how improved with practice.
  • I liked the ability to track your progress through the graph.

Peer feedback 

  • I found it very useful to receive anonymous peer feedback.
  • Great anonymous feedback. The categories were super helpful. Highly recommend it, as I got great feedback from my peers. The categories were really good.
  • I found RiPPLE was useful to learn from others and their feedback.
  • I think that it is a good resource for us to refer to. In this platform, we not only reflect on what we have learned but we can learn from our peers. Thus, it is a really great experience!
  • I loved the feedback system, with helps you can get feedback on resources you create, and can give feedback on others' resources.
  • I enjoyed getting feedback from my peers.
  • RiPPLE was easy to navigate, and I liked receiving feedback from moderators.


  • RiPPLE forces you to think independently about the content and to check assumptions.
  • My favourite things about RiPPLE was that it had great communication between peers!
  • RiPPLE gave us more initiative regarding our own learning.
  • RiPPLE is user friendly and can accommodate many learners at one time.
  • RiPPLE was very helpful.
  • I really liked how RiPPLE was really easy to use and accessible.
  • I liked how RiPPLE shows the distribution of peer's answers.
  • I really liked the interface and the general layout – it was super easy to navigate.
  • My favourite part of RiPPLE was answering live questions during class.
  • I found scoring points often motivates me.
  • My favourite feature of RiPPLE was how questions were categorised and you could easily choose which topic to review using the drop-down menu.
  • Love how the learning resources are centralised and teachers & students can help correct errors in resources.
  • I found RiPPLE improved my communication with classmates.