Dr Christine Staatz

Associate Professor, School of Pharmacy
Chair Teaching & Learning Committee


Dr Pavla Simerská Taylor / M.Sc., Ph.D., GCHEd.

Written Examination Lead
Office of Medical Education
Faculty of Medicine

  • I loved RiPPLE! It reinforced my understanding of the concepts taught in the course 
  • RiPPLE was useful for exam prep, and it made clear the kinds of things I was struggling with in the course. 
  • I appreciated RiPPLE as it helped me to identify learning gaps much more easily. 
  • I loved RiPPLE! It is a fantastic idea and has helped me throughout the semester. It was a great way to practice questions and engage with the cohort. 
  • I appreciated RiPPLE a lot. It helped with solidifying my knowledge in this course. RiPPLE should be used in the future. 
  • The RiPPLE platform was the best aspect of this course. 
  • I enjoyed RiPPLE as it helped a lot with my studies. It was useful to have a large number of questions to practice with. 
  • RiPPLE and LDBM were great study tools. 
  • RiPPLE was also very cool. I am keen to use it to help me prepare for the final exam. 
  • Using RiPPLE as one of the assessment types was the best aspect of this course. 
  • The best aspects of this course were the engaging delivery methods of the lectures and the multiple learning resources like RiPPLE and LBDM. 
  • This course provided different tools such as Piazza, RiPPLE, LDBM and echo360 which really enhanced my learning experience. 
  • Having lots of learning materials with solutions on RiPPLE throughout the whole semester was a massive benefit for studying for all assessments, especially the final exam.