UQ has policies and guidelines to adhere to when teaching off-campus for any reason.

Field trips

UQ provides guidance for teaching and working off-campus and outdoors. This advice details policies and guidelines to adhere to when organising and accompanying students on field trips. The relevant policy is PPL Work off-campus and fieldwork procedure.

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Industry and community placements

As a teaching academic and/or tutor, you may be called upon to supervise student placement courses in an off-campus work environment.

In this role you should:

  • Guide and encourage the student to apply the principles of best professional practice
  • Be regularly available to oversee the student and verify they attend their regular placement
  • Encourage students to research any questions during their placement
  • Ensure students complete and return their placement assessment forms
  • Notify the Placements Officer or Academic Supervisor of any issues or problems
  • Ensure that a Work off-campus Plan is completed and that the student and placement facility comply with it.

Regarding payment and insurance aspects of student placement courses, you should be aware of the following:

  • The Head of School must follow the appropriate approval processes to ensure there are no problems with various types of insurance.
  • Students should not be paid for their placement. Payment invalidates any UQ insurance cover.
  • There needs to be a written agreement signed by UQ and the placement provider outlining responsibilities.
  • Students do not have professional liability insurance.
  • If placements are not in Australia, undergraduates need to take out their own travel insurance.

Please be aware of the relevant policy PPL Work Integrated Learning and Work Experience.

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Remaining connected

Staying connected when teaching off-campus is important. The VPN provides a secure connection from your computer to the UQ network. If you are off-campus and have a stable Internet connection, you can use the VPN to access UQ resources.

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