UQ offers courses in a range of enrolment modes to suit our students’ and disciplinary needs.

UQ has two main modes of enrolment – internal and external. In 2019, these modes represented over 90% of course offerings. Delivery modes descriptions are also available for students.


The internal mode requires students’ in-person attendance on-campus for activities throughout the semester, including assessment. Some courses can only be offered in internal modes, particularly those courses with activities that cannot be replaced by online experiences (e.g. practical/clinical aspects). 

In-person learning activities are complemented by online activities where appropriate (e.g. lectures can be online for the whole semester).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, courses offered only in internal delivery mode (lectures may be online or on-campus) must have a plan to transition to online where possible. Internal courses that cannot be transitioned to fully online must have a plan to transition as much of the course as possible to online.

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In external mode courses, all teaching and learning activities are conducted completely online. No attendance on-campus is required. Students who are not able to come to campus can only enrol in external offerings.

Courses offered only in external delivery mode for an onshore and/or domestic cohort are encouraged to offer some on-campus activity – formal or informal – for those students able to attend campus.

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Other modes of delivery

UQ has a range of other modes. In 2019, 10 modes were used: External, Flexible Delivery, Intensive, Internal, July Intensive, Off-Shore, Remote, Web Based, Weekend, Work Experience. Ensure you have the support of your school before using any modes other than Internal and External, to ensure the mode is suitable for your students, learning experiences and resourcing.

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