The UQ Teaching Innovation Grant (TIG) and Early Career Educational Research Grant (ECER) schemes give our teachers an opportunity to complete projects they are passionate about while contributing to the continued enrichment of teaching and learning and the student experience at UQ.

Adapting the face-to-face 'three colour tutorials' innovation to an online teaching environment

Dr Frederique Bracoud
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Enhancing online assessment through a critical thinking focus

Professor Deborah Brown and Dr Peter Ellerton
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Improving the evidence base about ways to strengthen student engagement in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Professor Tracey Bunda
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit

Leading by example: an expert-led Sport and Exercise Injury, Participation and Performance Clinic to enhance the student experience

Dr Natalie Collins
Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

An institutional pilot for Microsoft FlipGrid: offering belonging, authentic assessment, flexibility and engagement all in the one video-blogging tool

Dr Seb Dianati
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Adoption of the RiPPLE peer tool across two smart learning environments for increased student learning motivation and sense of well-being

Dr Temesgen Kifle
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Growing inclusive learning communities: Enhancing inclusive teaching and learning at UQ through professional learning, student partnerships and effective practice

Professor Gwendolyn Lawrie
Faculty of Science

Indigenising the curriculum at the UQ Business School

Dr Sharlene Leroy-Dyer
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Investigating application and implementation of innovative and blended classrooms using virtual reality in anatomy at UQ

Professor Mark Midwinter
Faculty of Medicine

Belonging to a learning community: a first-year experience that develops professional identity in the Social Sciences

Dr Lynda Shevellar
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Scaffolding students effectively: using multiple digital approaches to foster authentic coaching to enhance student employability

Associate Professor Garth Stahl
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Visualising digital footprints to enhance learning engagement in work-integrated learning (WIL)

Associate Professor Helen Wozniak
Faculty of Medicine

Supporting integration of foundational science learning with clinical application through an asynchronous interactive platform

Dr Iulia Oancea
Faculty of Medicine

Digitally driven interactive in-class demonstrations to bolster student learning and engagement in large in-person and online classes

Dr Chamith Wijenayake
Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology