The UQ Teaching Innovation Grant (TIG) and Early Career Educational Research Grant (ECER) schemes give our teachers an opportunity to complete projects they are passionate about while contributing to the continued enrichment of teaching and learning and the student experience at UQ.

Innovating anatomy education through image repositories, VR integration, and AI Assessments: Driving curricular advancement

Dr Saleem Babri
School of Biomedical Sciences

Creators of tomorrow: Integrating prompt engineering and responsible AI in discipline-specific curricula

Dr Aneesha Bakharia
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Indigenising absences in the curriculum: Piloting and evaluating curriculum innovation in biomedical science, musicology, and geography

Associate Professor Katelyn Barney and Professor Tracey Bunda
Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement)

The Ethical Clinic: Developing valid and realistic ethical role play assessments for clinical psychology

Dr Simon Byrne
School of Psychology

The P.A.I.N. Framework: Building students’ capacity to Promote Accurate Information Narratives in an age of misinformation

Dr Alana Dinsdale
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Implementing and capturing AI, inquiry led teaching innovation to enhance the student learning experience

Associate Professor Rachel Fitzgerald
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

Developing a blueprint for using Generative AI agents in teaching, learning and assessment through a case example in motivational interviewing: MI UQ Coach

Associate Professor Sjaan Gomersall and Professor Genevieve Healy
Schools of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences

Codesign of an interprofessional safe prescribing curriculum

Dr Esther Lau
School of Pharmacy

Inclusive, contemporary and authentic assessment: Curating a digital UQ-led library of exemplars

Professor Gwen Lawrie
School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Machine in the loop: Harnessing AI for enhanced educational assessment

Dr Joan Li
Academy for Medical Education 

A digital repository of strengths-based images and case studies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learning in health contexts

Dr Jared Miles
School of Pharmacy

Enhancing university learning with AI-driven tutoring: A cross-disciplinary approach

Professor Jason Tangen
School of Psychology 

Advancing an Identity Leadership Model of Teaching to Enhance Belongingness
Dr Michael Thai
School of Psychology