The Teaching Innovation Grants scheme provides funding to UQ staff to investigate, develop and/or implement initiatives in teaching and learning that enhance the student experience and/or improve the quality of educational outcomes for students.

In 2021, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) committed funding for Teaching and Learning Grants, including Teaching Innovation Grants.

Key dates (2021)

Due dateAction
4 June 2021Opening date for applications

6 July 2021


Information session: Developing a successful Teaching and Learning Grant application.

August – September 2021

(dates and locations to be confirmed please check this web page again later)

Sponsored by ITaLI, sessions will be arranged to ‘pitch your idea’ and receive feedback from ITaLI, ITS, eLearning Operational Forum members and potential collaborators. These sessions are not compulsory but are available to those who have confirmed their intent to apply. 

2 August 2021

Confirm Intention to Apply for a Teaching Innovation Grant by submitting a short project abstract through the online form.

Submission of an abstract is compulsory. If you have not submitted an abstract, your full application submission will not be accepted.

If you are interested in applying but have missed this application step, please contact as soon as possible.

11 September 2021It is recommended that applicants forward their complete proposal to their Head of School/Faculty/Institute using the online endorsement form by this date.
17 September 2021

Closing date for applications. Complete applications (including Head of School/Institute/Centre endorsement) are due to ITaLI.

1 October 2021

On receipt, ITaLI will facilitate Associate Dean (Academic) sign off on all applications. Associate Deans (Academic) reserve the right to offer additional feedback and applicants should address this with them before the proposal is considered by the Teaching and Learning Grants Selection Panel.

Associate Dean (Academic) Endorsement and Full Final applications due to ITaLI.

December 2021Announcement of successful projects
March 2022Projects commence