SECaT evaluations give students the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of courses and teaching at UQ.

Please note that all SECaT results for Semester 2, 2023 have now been sent to listed course coordinators and teaching staff as of Wednesday 28 June 2023. See 'When and how do I get my SECaT results?' section below for more details.

Key dates: Semester 2 2023

Course coordinators request merging of multiple delivery modes into single SECaT.Thursday 31 August 
Evaluation Unit begins to import data from the ECPs to the evaluation system, and schedules SECaT evaluationsThursday 31 August
Students receive the initial email invitation for SECaT evaluationsMonday 16 October
SECaT evaluations closeFriday 3 November (11:59 pm AEST)
Survey reports sent to course coordinator and listed teaching staffFrom Wednesday 29 November 2023, after grades are finalised.

Note: In the case of courses with multiple modes and where one mode has enrolments of less than six, we can combine the SECaT for these modes at the discretion of the course coordinator. Course coordinators must expressly advise the ITaLI Evaluation Unit if they would like to merge their modes into a single SECaT survey, by emailing the request to If both modes have enrolments of six or more, they will not be eligible for merging and will adhere to regular policy rules (PPL 3.30.02 Course and Teacher Surveys).

What is the SECaT?

SECaT evaluations provide students with the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience of course and teaching at UQ. Each time a course is offered, students enrolled in that course will be invited to evaluate their course and teacher(s) via an online SECaT evaluation.

For the majority of courses at UQ, the first email invitation will be sent to students at the beginning of Week 12 each semester. Students can access the SECaT via the link contained in the email invitation.

SECaTs typically remain open for three weeks. Students are sent up to three reminders, usually five days apart.