The Student Evaluation of Tutor (SETutor) evaluation supplements the SECaT evaluation and provides students the opportunity to give feedback on their experience of tutoring.

The SETutor evaluation is designed to be used in courses where students’ learning is supplemented by small group learning, usually led by an individual who is called a tutor or lab demonstrator. All SETutor evaluations are conducted online (via QR codes or passwords) or through direct emails to students.

Key dates: Semester 2 2021

Action Date
All School SETutor orders received by the Evaluations Unit for processing and scheduling Friday 10 September 2021
SETutor evaluations open Monday 4 October 2021
SETutor evaluations close Sunday 24 October 2021 (11.59pm)
Survey reports sent to listed tutors Wednesday 1 December 2021