This project aimed to embed active learning strategies into course design and delivery to enhance student autonomy, increase the level of meaningful and critical engagement with course content and strengthen their interpersonal skills (i.e. teamwork, peer learning) that will be of great relevance in the workplace.

  • Course: SLAT2001 Introduction to Second Language Learning and Teaching – 2nd year applied linguistics course (62 students)
  • School/Faculty: School of Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Delivery: weekly, 2-hour face-to-face tutorial following an online lecture
  • Active learning approach: online lectures, readings and quizzes, in-class discussions and activities
  • Assessment tasks: weekly online quizzes and class reflection group project work, reflective essay, language analysis

Key issues and anticipated outcomes

  • Students’ lack of analytical engagement with reading materials
  • Students’ limited level of active participation in classroom activities.

Project innovation team