This project aimed to build first year students’ capacity to engage in participatory, community-focused activities informed by relevant social theories.

  • Course: SOSC1000 Society, Challenges & Solutions. 1st year social science course
  • School/Faculty: School of Social Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Delivery: taught through a weekly, 2-hour face-to-face lecture session and a 1-hour tutorial session; use of guest lecturers from other schools
  • Active learning approach: photovoice group research; use of PadletUQ; photo exhibition 
  • Assessment tasks: reflection, online quiz, Padlet presentation, essay  

Key issues and anticipated outcomes

This project aimed to address the following issues:

  • One of the biggest challenges in teaching first year social science students is the lack of an effective strategy to encourage youth engagement with community-based social issues.
  • First year students often learn about societies and social theories from readings, which are detached from their daily lives and experiences. 
  • Using photovoice as a group-based active learning strategy for a first year social science class to build students’ capacity to engage in participatory, community-focused activities. 

Project innovation team

  • Professor Greg Marston, Project Innovation Lead
  • Dr Juan Zhang, Course Coordinator & Project Innovation Manager