This project aimed to embed active learning strategies in the course delivery and assessment to enhance second year students’ learning, engagement and development of transferable skills.

  • Course: MUSC2300 Music and Human Behaviour, 2nd year undergraduate psychology of music course (61 students)
  • School/Faculty: Music School, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Delivery: weekly, two-hour face-to-face lecture session
  • Active learning approach: online readings and quizzes, in-class discussions and activities, group project work in situ
  • Assessment tasks: weekly online quizzes, peer assessment of group project work, group presentations, project report, reflections of group work

Key issues and anticipated outcomes

This project aimed to address the issue of students not keeping up with course readings, thus preventing them from actively engaging in useful in-class discussions.

It also aimed to:

  • deepen the students' understanding of how music affects human behaviour through opportunities to experience and apply theoretical concepts in real world situations,
  • develop their academic skills such as distilling and synthesising information, developing arguments, and effectively communicating and collaborating with others,
  • enhance their research skills through practice.

Project innovation team