Our Principal Practitioners play a critical role in the design thinking approaches we use to support the academic community at UQ.

ITaLI offers a range of services to support UQ teaching staff in creating an outstanding student experience. Fundamental to supporting teaching staff is ITaLI’s strong professional learning program that incorporates both formal classes, workshops and informal sessions.
As part of the ITaLI septennial review the panel suggested we draw more on the teaching leaders from across the University to enhance our reach across UQ. A Principal Practitioner (PP) plays a key role in connecting Schools with each other and with the DVCA Portfolio (including ITaLI). Further specific expertise, that may not exist within the ITaLI team, can be harnessed via our PPs to ensure the UQ professional learning program covers all aspects of teaching excellence. PPs play a critical role in the design thinking approaches ITaLI uses to support the UQ academic community. As an educational leader in their discipline, the PP can provide key insights; identify opportunities and obstacles in the application of DVCA and ITaLI teaching strategy and initiatives. 
The Principal Practitioner role is a service role. Specific activities may include:

  • facilitate workshops, including professional learning seminars, as relevant
  • engage with UQ staff who seek further development in the PPs’ area of expertise
  • build collaborative partnerships across ITaLI, schools and faculties for a shared understanding on the area of expertise
  • lead and/or participate in initiatives across UQ to understand and enhance the student experience
  • representation on university committees as a teaching and learning expert.

As educational leaders in their discipline, PP's provide insights and identify opportunities/obstacles in the application of teaching strategies and initiatives.

ITaLI anticipates that the commitment of the PP varies across time and between PPs. A suggested allocation of time would represent 5–10% of a senior academic’s workload. The term of the engagement will be two years in the first instance.