The Teaching@UQ program provides academics who are new to UQ with an introduction to the University's teaching and learning culture.

The program runs over four non-consecutive days (four 4-hour sessions) and includes a range of activities outside these face-to-face workshops.

A team of UQ academics and teaching and learning experts designed the program to respond to the needs of academics and to help them meet the professional expectations of the institution and students.

Teaching@UQ is an important component of induction and staff development – the gateway to teaching professionalism, innovation and excellence at UQ.


The Teaching@UQ program introduces participants to the essential features of the teaching and learning landscape at UQ, including key policies and procedures, and the University's expectations of teachers.

The program promotes evidence-based teaching approaches and methods that UQ prefers, such as:

  • teaching for learning
  • effective classroom management techniques
  • using assessment for learning.

It also supports participants to improve their teaching, by emphasising:

  • a reflective and thoughtful approach to teaching practice
  • use of the teaching and learning support available at UQ
  • linking participants to their local professional teaching networks.

The program provides personalised guidance and feedback via peer observation of teaching, and mentoring from an experienced UQ teaching academic.

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Dominic McGrath, Teaching@UQ Coordinator