The Teaching@UQ program is designed for UQ academics:

  1. new to UQ or
  2. new to teaching at UQ with course coordination roles or substantial involvement in courses (e.g. developing curricular materials, creating online activities and designing assessments).

Experienced UQ teaching staff who want to update their skillset are also welcome. 


The program runs over a semester (or intensively over one week). It uses a sequence of self-directed learning activities (individual, online) and professional learning community activities (peer-based, workshops). Drawing on knowledge from self-directed learning, participants apply theory to practice in the workshops in the context of UQ’s policies, educational technologies, and educational priorities.

All face-to-face sessions will be available via Zoom and recorded for those who cannot attend in person. The estimated time commitment to complete this program is approximately 25 hours in total (this includes the program's sessions as well as self-directed learning).


Participants completing the program will be able to:

  • describe the relationship between teaching and learning
  • distinguish between, and creatively connect, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment to foster active student participation and learning in their disciplinary context
  • identify relevant UQ policies, educational technologies, and opportunities that support teaching practices and innovations
  • reflect on and develop a set of educational goals aligned with UQ’s Annual Performance and Development (APD) process
  • interact with a community of practice in teaching and learning at UQ.


Semester 1

Offering 1 Workshop:

  • Workshop 1: Mon 13 Feb, 1-4 pm
  • Workshop 2: Monday 27 February 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 3: Monday 13 March 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 4: Monday 27 March 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 5: Wednesday 5 April 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 6: Tuesday 2 May 1-4 pm

Offering 2 - Intensive one-week version (end of Sem 1):

  • Workshop 1: Monday 17 July 9 am-12pm
  • Workshops 2-3: Tuesday 18 July 9-11 am and 1-3pm
  • Workshops 4-5: Wednesday 19 July 9-11 am and 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 6: Friday 21 July 9 am-12 pm

Semester 2

Offering 3 - Workshop:

  • Workshop 1: Thursday 20 July 1-4 pm
  • Workshop 2: Wednesday 2 August 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 3: Friday 18 August 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 4: Thursday 31 August 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 5:  Thursday 14 September 1-3 pm
  • Workshop 6: Wednesday 4 October 1-4 pm

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