Reflecting, planning and preparation are important elements of getting ready to teach any course. 

The following ideas provide guidelines for getting ready to teach. Please note that while they represent good practice, they are not exhaustive. Therefore, you might be aware of different ways to prepare a course that are also effective. Remember that understanding context is an important part of your preparation.

  1. Set aside blocks of time to plan and prepare your course. What timelines will you need to adhere to – e.g. Library resources, Electronic Course Profile (ECP) checking and submission?
  2. Past course coordinators, students who have completed the course, previous Student Evaluations of Course and Teacher (SECaTs)Student Evaluations of Tutor (SETutors) and check-in surveys are valuable sources of information.
  3. Who will need to be part of the planning and preparation (co-course coordinators, major/minor/program convenors, lecturers, tutors, student partners, school administration)?
  4. Recognise what resources you are going to need to ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your students.
  5. Be aware of the Teaching and Learning Roles and Responsibilities [3.30.01] in the Policy and Procedure Library (PPL).

What do I need to do?

3. After the semester

  1. Provide students access to examination scripts and papers (your school may have processes for this).
  2. Mark deferred exams.
  3. Set and mark supplementary assessment.
  4. Manage the process of approved re-marking items of assessment in a fair and equitable manner.
  5. Finalise incomplete results within the required timeframes.
  6. Respond to student feedback from SECaTs and other tools in the development of the next offering of the course.
  7. Review the course description for the following year.

Other tasks may be required in some courses, for example:

  • Ensure that the risk assessments for the course are current.
  • Recognise possible ethical issues likely to be raised in the course and be prepared to address student concerns in this area.

 Ready to Teach Week

Twice a year, ITaLI puts together a program of online and in-person activities designed to help you prepare course materials for the upcoming semester.

Need help?

ITaLI's team of Learning Designers and eLearning Advisors can support you with implementing any of the actions covered on this page.