UQ's Teaching Expertise Framework (TEF) identifies what expertise university teachers, at various career stages, can be expected to have developed, thus identifying the core capabilities they might need to engage at various points across a career span.

The Framework – see TEF summary (PDF, 201.8 KB) – outlines the type of teaching expertise and educational leadership that is desired at UQ across multiple domains of expertise. It draws on scholarly literature related to higher education teaching and learning and was developed in consultation with multiple stakeholder groups across UQ.

The Framework is designed to ensure that there is close alignment with UQ’s strategy, including but not limited to the Teaching and Learning Plan and the Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). It also aligns with the UQ academic promotion criteria, the UK Professional Standards Framework for teaching and supporting learning in higher education that leads to the Higher Education Academy (HEA) Fellowship, and the Australian University Teaching Criteria and Standards Framework.