The TeachingPlus@UQ program provides professional learning opportunities for the University's future teaching and learning leaders.

A graduate of TeachingPlus@UQ has experience in designing, implementing and evaluating a Teaching and Learning (T&L) project. Through this experience, the graduate develops into a reflective practitioner, becomes conversant with the higher education landscape, and develops a network of T&L connections. The graduate improves their teaching practice, and becomes an emerging leader in T&L at UQ.

The TeachingPlus@UQ program:

  • Builds on the Teaching@UQ program
  • Engages academics in applied research that:
    • directly impacts student learning
    • develops leadership capacity
  • Extends the application of reflective practice in T&L
  • Provides an opportunity for accreditation as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Who should participate?

This program is designed for UQ academic and professional staff who:

  • are passionate about Teaching and Learning (T&L)
  • have at least two years' experience with UQ processes, contemporary T&L practices and teaching
  • would like to develop their career by becoming a leader in T&L
  • are already conversant with UQ T&L practices, policies and procedures.

Program benefits

As a graduate of TeachingPlus@UQ, you will gain experience in identifying, designing, implementing and evaluating projects designed to enhance student learning. You will enhance your leadership skills and enrich your T&L expertise.

This experience, coupled with a network of Teaching and Learning (T&L) connections across the University that you will establish, will position you well to lead further T&L innovation at UQ.

There will also be an opportunity for you to engage with the Higher Education Academy accreditation scheme and begin working towards Senior Fellowship.

Tasks and time commitment

As a participant in the program, we expect that you:

  • complete pre-workshop online activities (1-2 hours per workshop)
  • attend four workshops (4 hours, catered) across the year
  • participate in three (1-2 hour) group meetings to discuss your Teaching and Learning (T&L) project
  • design, implement, evaluate, and disseminate a T&L innovation project; and
  • present key findings via a conference and a brief project report during T&L Week 2020.

Key dates

Session Date, time, location
Session 1 TBA – contact
Session 2 TBA – contact
Conversation Café 1 TBA – contact
Session 3 FTBA – contact
Conversation Café 2 TBA – contact
Session 4 TBA – contact
Session 5/6 (Peer Meetings) Participants to organise
T&L Week Showcase TBA – contact