The TeachingPlus@UQ program provides opportunities for emergent educational leaders to network and collaborate with one another while testing and leading innovation through the development of a scholarly educational project.

Program aims

TeachingPlus@UQ aims to: 

  • develop leadership and educational scholarship capacities;
  • connect participants with the latest educational practices and UQ policies; and
  • provide networking opportunities with emerging and established educational leaders, innovators and our communities of practice. 

Program approach

The program engages you in a project-based model that:

  • embraces change and disruptive practice for teaching and learning innovation,
  • directly impacts student learning,
  • results in evidence-informed practices, and 
  • offers a pathway towards Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA).

Program audience

TeachingPlus@UQ is designed for academics and professional staff members who:

  • have responsibility for, and several years of experience in, the coordination and/or development of courses, programs, policies or projects;
  • want to build leadership capacities through the development of an educational project; 
  • are on a trajectory of being educational leaders and innovators (which may include Teaching and Learning Chairs, discipline leaders, education managers, etc); and 
  • are committed to building their capabilities as collaborative, collegial leaders and change agents within UQ’s Teaching and Learning Community. 

You should come into TeachingPlus@UQ with:

  • foundational knowledge of good educational practices
  • working knowledge of UQ educational policies and procedures
  • experience in planning and being involved in educational projects, and
  • strong collaborative skills, a commitment to collegiality, and comfort with self-directed learning.

TeachingPlus@UQ is enriched by the participation of:

  • professional staff members who drive innovation, support, or enable educational practices, and
  • academic staff members with teaching and/or curriculum responsibilities. 

Program learning objectives

After successful completion of TeachingPlus@UQ, participants should be able to:

  • identify, explain, and evaluate inter/national higher education trends impacting teaching and learning practices connected to key UQ strategic responses;
  • develop and/or implement a scholarly teaching and learning project to generate evidence that can inform practices, programs or policies; 
  • demonstrate individual leadership through the development and communication of a project connected to broader UQ and higher education conversations; and 
  • apply active participation in practice and argue for its importance in relevant collegial communities contributing to advancing teaching and learning.

Program outputs

Upon completion of TeachingPlus@UQ, participants will:

  • produce and share a final project presentation at a showcase event and
  • demonstrate your learning development through a self-selected approach.

Program commitment

TeachingPlus@UQ is a year-long program running from mid-year to mid-year. 

In the first half of the program (May–Dec 2021), participants will engage in 25 hours of a blended learning program comprising workshops, online activities, and small group interaction focused on planning a teaching and learning project connected to broader UQ and higher education sector trends. 

In the second half of the program (Jan–Jun 2022), participants will invest another 25 hours to develop and/or implement their projects while supporting others with their projects through small group interactions. 

Key dates

To be announced from mid-2021 to mid-2022.